Call For An Investigation

This prisoner has been released. However , we should still heed his words.
Call for an InvestigationNovember 20, 2008

I’m incarcerated at Waupun Corr Ist. In Waupun, Wiscosnin. I came to this institution in February 2007 and I’ve been in the segregation unit since March 2007 til today. I’m supposed to get out to general population December 24th, 2008.
I believe it’s my duty to bring in the hearts and minds of Wisconsin citizens in society and let them know that us prisoners are not rehabilitated and treated but instead we are being punished and mistreated. I’m currently assigned to a psychiatrist Dr. Callister cause I’ve been diagnosed with major depression, anxiety disorder, anti-social behavior, explosive disorder and I take psychotropic medication for depression and anxiety daily.

My psychologist has referred me to Wisconsin resource Center but for some odd reason I’ve been denied mental health treatment twice. There are 180 inmates that can be housed in this segregation unit at full capacity. Out of that 180 at least 80 of the inmates have some sort of mental illness.

And instead of sending them to mental health facilities for help they locked them up in the segregation unit for months and years without any treatment or programs that will help them cope with their mental illnesses and or behavior problems, so once they are released to general population they can follow rules and once released to society become law abiding citizens.

There’s a high number of past civil suits and pending lawsuits against WCI and GBCI staff. There’s several suits for abuse of discretion. Lawsuits for( guard negative retaliation). There’s been several suicides in the unit and , I was in the same hallway where one suicide took place this year. There’s been several self-mutilating attempts on a regular basis.
See the following case sites:
Matz v Frank, 05-C-1093
Matz-v- Frank 08-CD-0491
Gidarisingh v McCaughtry, 2007 Lexis 28117
Sanville V Mc Caughtry, 266 F.3d 724
The staff are continuing to be unprofessional and malicious on duty.
People are abused, slammed down with handcuffs on them in the hallways, inmates are being gassed with pepper spray and OC Gas, stripped down with no clothes on, unregistered officers who are not doctors or nurses are handling and distributing medications, untrained officers are dealing with mental patients.
I’ve personally witnessed inmates smear their own feces on themselves, the doors, windows, shower stalls. I’ve seen inmates keep medications to commit suicide. I myself have attempted to do so. Waupun Correctional Institution is a living hell and I have the names of inmates who can attest to this with supported paperwork, conduct reports, incidents reports, psychological files, lawsuit paper-work, etc, as well as state representatives who have information regarding the unprofessional and many times criminal handling of people, situation s and mental health crisis’s.
There are numerous incidents of prisoner abandonment, they don’t do security rounds on the inmates in segregation hallways every thirty minutes as protocol except on 3rd shift. There’s cases of food tampering, mail tampering, professional misconduct. Staff make-up situations/Rule infractions to lock certain inmates up to keep them in segregation and administrative confinement. Also, to keep the inmates controlled, afraid and intimidated.
The infraction/disciplinary hearing officer-captain O Donovan has been named in a lawsuit seg unit and there are retaliation suits against staff that still work here.. If you get a ticket, they will make it stick regardless of how ridiculous the alleged infraction. The staff appointed advocate will tell you, “I am not your lawyer not is it my job to search for your innocence.”
There is clearly a racial issue here. Majority of the inmates locked up in seg are black. White inmates are given the best jobs I the institution, most people would concur. The segregation unit at this time , 1-20-08 is like 265 inmates and I bet there is at least 120 inmates who are Black or Latino. 85% of tickets are wrote on African Americans. The complaint system is very inadequate, they don’t question inmate witnesses only the person being complained about. They don’t believe in doing a full investigation. If inmates were questioned, this would be a clear cut exposure. I can provide names of all races to concur what is being written here.
The housing in segregation and general population is terrible. The plumbing is out dated, bed mattresses are old, cracked and mildewed. Sheets and blankets are old and out dated , canteen prices are high, visits in segregation is very unfair – on a screen , not in person.
Segregation inmates are not allowed any personal books or law books , no magazines, no newspapers, no pictures of Family members , no canteen food items. You’re locked in the room alone 3 days a week for 24 hours a day and 4 days a week for 23 hour a day. When we go to the outside rec cages ( dog kennels) in the winter months we are only given a coat, no gloves and hats at all . It’s crazy here.
The warden is the captain of the boat along with the security director. It is them who allows and condones the behavior of the staff. Here at Waupun Corr. Inst. You’re guilty and they don’t care if you’re not. They never investigate to find the truth , only to find out how many can be determined guilty.
All of these allegations need to be looked into and investigated fully by an outside person. If you need manes of person, I have them. But I need support for outside people because they are going to retaliate against me for writing this letter so I need addresses and phone numbers of people I can write to on a regular basis.

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