Call for help from seg

A Letter From Long Ago:
this prisoner' s first letter to FFUP . It gives a good description of life in seg. This man has become an accomplished artist and model for other prisoners.
See his art at : http://darrenmorrisartist.blogspot.com/
read his guide for urban youth: http://guidebydarrenmorris.blogspot.com

August 17th 2006

Darren Morris #236425
Waupun Correctional Institution
Post Office Box 351
Waupun, Wisconsin, 53963

My name is Darren Morris, and I am an inmate here in Waupun Correctional Institution, where I am currently being held in a Segregation Cell. At the age of 17, I began to have "more"severe psychotic episodes, in which I had to be hospitalized for more than once. I was put on the medication called Haldol. I would hallucinations and delusional thinking that would lead to violent acts. I was arrested for PTAC of first-degree intentional homicide, and once in prison I continued to have these psychotic episodes. I would go through periods with no episodes, and then it was like someone snatched the rug from under me. I had numerous disciplinary actions taken against me, more so since being in Waupun Correctional. I have been shocked with some kind of electrical device It was around 1999 some time. I'm sorry my memory can't come with exact dates.. I thought I was in danger, that my medication had been switched and laced with poison, so I stopped taking them. Soon I had a psychotic break and I was put into segregation, though I cannot remember the charge and my delusions continued. They put me into the "Naked Man Cell", (observation). they chained me to the cell door, cut my clothes off, they put me in the cell naked. I don't remember much, though I do remember I was cold and crying. I was given two squares of tissue to clean myself with after using the toilet. I could not sleep because I was naked, it was cold and there was no mattress. Instead of a mattress there was a hard rubber mat, and the lack of sleep only made things worse. I started to pound on the door, at which I was given a direct order to stop, and I did not. In turn they gassed me and came in with these black suits and helmets, and when they attacked me I fought back. I was choked until I blacked out. When I woke up I was handcuffed to a concrete slab by both wrists and my feet. I began banging my head on this slab. They came in and put a strap on me to hold my head down. About a day later i was let out of restraints, I was still naked, I began pounding on the door, and told them if they gave me a blanket I'd stop. They gassed me again, they came in with the suits on and when they had me pinned down to the floor some electroshocked me. i went to Wisconsin resource Center- twice. I had many situations where my illness caused me to get a ticket and put in the hole. I'm also hard of hearing, I'm supposed to have a hearing and for both ears. I came here from the outside with two- they lost them, and claimed not to be responsible. They gave me only one hearing aid and told me to make due as best I could with that. i got two tickets once for sleeping during count, I never heard the buzzer and they put me ion the hole for, I think, 90 days that time. Now I am stable on my medication and had been doing okay, but I got a ticket again for disobeying an order. They gave me 60 days in the hole. Since I been here I tell them I can't hear the buzzer for meals or medication or other things. Here, when the tone sounds you must stand at your cell door to get that meal, medication, showers or whatever if you are not at that door, I don't get to eat or my medication for the schizo effective bipolar type. I keep telling them, I can't hear the buzzer, They have 2, one in the hall, which is the one I can't hear. Then there is one in the cell which they use sometimes- that one I can hear just fine. They should not be able to pass me for meds and especially medication- if I can't hear the sound then I can't react to it. I have about a 7th or 8th grade reading level and I'm trying to figure out the law because I'm knowing what they do is wrong. I want to teach them that it is not okay to let a person go hungry, and to discriminate against people. I want to change the rules and the way they do things here(..her he asks for help) .. They never ask how to help me, they leave the lights on all the time, my brain don't get a chance to rest, the people argue, and pound all day long and the COs pick on them when they get quiet to make them argue again. Every time I hear keys I get worried they coming with them suits again and shock me and cuff me up or gas me up. I tell them I hear voices and they give me no counseling or help with my issues, and I try to tell me self it's in my head, nothing to fear, but when I hear them keys I get ready to fight cause I think they coming to get me.
If you cannot help. will you please find someone who can. Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely, Darren


Anonymous said...

I dont feel sorry for you darren, you took a innocent life, your trying to get people to feel sorry for your messed up life, but you fail to forget you took a life, you should be happy you have life, the man in the red truck was someone who was doing something with his life.,a father, brother, boyfriend and a friend of many peoople, his family misses him dearly. he fought for our country and was living a good life and wasnt part of a gang. I will never forgive you for what you took from us

Anonymous said...

I am appalled that you can sit there and cry over the way that you are being treated. As far as I am concerned, you deserve whatever happens to you! I don’t know the person that you killed, but I know that I was assaulted by you prior to that, you miserable excuse for a man! I was just a young girl! I was outgoing and enjoyed life and you felt that you had the authority to assault me because I wasn’t willing to be with you! You propositioned me and I dared to politely turn you down… but you made sure that I paid for it and then went on your merry way! While I was left to live with the scars that you inflicted! And you never paid for what you did to me; I was too much of a coward to turn you in because you threatened to kill me if I did! But it looks like you are paying now, and I’m glad! I hate you for what you did to me and I will NEVER forgive you! Maybe those voices that you hear are the voices of all of those innocent people who were unfortunate enough to have their lives ruined by you!! You deserve whatever happens to you and more! I’m glad the tables have turned, Karma finally found you and you will get what you gave! I’m glad you’re scared! I’m glad that you have been introduced to fear! I felt that way for years because of what you did to me!! I hope you die in that dirty cell!!!!

Anonymous said...

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