- by Hakim Naseer
Good morning and good afternoon America.

My name is Hakim Naseer. It is truly an honor to have the opportunity to advise our country of an ongoing crisis which is continuously creating infantile attitudes within the segregation environment, among most prisons, which will dangerously affect the public safety at a catastrophic level! My goal is not to shock the conscience and/or sensibilities of our readers with merely using hearsay. The overall goal is to be modest when expressing intriguing facts pertaining to the constant battle, mentally speaking, of being incarcerated and housed in punitive segregation. My purpose, after personally being subjected to inhuman, barbarous, tortuous punishments and some punishments unknown to common law, is to make a difference and a change by giving back to my community and challenging the minds of those spectators, politicians, prison officials, law enforcement agencies, judges, district attorneys, radio stations, newscasts, etc. My destiny is to become a "Bridge of Voices" participant. Not to mention, I have seen the gates of hell!
By federal and state law, "double punishment" is prohibited. If anyone is caught engaging in such cruel act, they could be prosecuted criminally and/or civilly. Although we may all think, as the less fortunate (mentally ill), that it is a smashing success once we have sued the DOC after 7 prison guards were found guilty of subjecting a mentally ill prisoner to "double punishment" in civil court, in reality, it's just another loss the DOC can afford to lose. As a result, the real smashing success remains a shadow in the dark.

A vital strategy in winning a constant battle against the opposing team is to get every corrupt prison guard arrested as soon as possible for making ongoing attempts in turning a solitary confinement environment into a torture chamber, contrary to Wis. Stats. §§ 940.29 and 940.285. After enough prosecutions/convictions are exposed publicly, the DOC will have to make heroic sacrifices in order to stop a negative frenzy from escalating within the tabloids all over the nation. Furthermore, the power struggle and the huge wall that the DOC continuously holds up to keep us away with all of our questions and concerns will no longer exist. It will allow for a mind that was once sketchy and skeptical of mentally ill prisoners serving time in solitary confinement to be reduced to a level that will change our current conditions of confinement. This particular method can be a stabilizing factor. Have you ever heard of the phrase, "Hard work pays off"? Well then ... give this particular method your best efforts and you will become a thousand steps closer to bettering your condemned lifestyles that are currently jeopardizing your future. However, be advised that help is on the way regardless. If we could come together, this process can be in effect sooner than we think. Nothing is too impossible. Those who are not fighting for a positive benefit, an alternative program, a logical sense of living, a greater satisfaction, equality, essential needs, flexible visualization, preventive medicine, healthier punishments and adequate justice will not only die mentally, but will also continue to go unnoticed like a shadow in the dark.

Solitary confinement is most certainly an abnormal environment, generally speaking. Although such environments should be considered imprudent, there's no other way to contain violent and inappropriate behavior that is displayed by prisoners without segregating them in an isolated place where they can be closely monitored and supervised for their own safety as well as others. Segregation was originally designed to punish and then rehabilitate a prisoner's way of thinking before acting. However, the punishing process became so harsh that it created a disastrous mental affect in the already mentally ill prisoners, which in turn made it highly impossible for the rehabilitation to take place.
They say, "Two wrongs don't make a right," but in solitary confinement such phrase does not exist. If an inmate continuously acts out in a mentally ill manner by using profane and abusive language that is directed at prison staff, within that same week that particular mentally ill inmate will most certainly undergo one or more of the following:

Not being provided an adequate meal serving even after the institution food menu indicates that something is missing from your food tray but that same officer that you disrespected doesn't care;

"Torture ... any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity."
- Convention Against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or Punishment - (United Nations General Assembly Resolution 46 [xxxlx])


Lynn said...

My son is mentally ill and after his release from a state mental hospital was confined in a segregation cell for 12 days with a mat on the floor and a suicide blanket. The staff in this county jail would not discuss this with me, his mother and a therapist, nor let him sign a release. I was told he was put there due to his 'behaviors' prior to his stay at the state hospital, at a time he was psychotic and manic. I finally, in desperation, called NAMI, and they called the sheriff and he was transferred to another county. He is doing well now, in the other jail. I do not understand how this inhumane treatment can be legal, nor do I understand how law enforcement officers can go about their lives, knowing they have someone locked up like this, who does not need to

a guy said...

So I was seeing if you could find any articles on Mr. Naseer's crimes online and I came across this website. I have a few points to make.

1. There's no way that Mr. Naseer wrote that. Having directly dealt with him, his speaking and writing is nowhere near the level shown in the writing.

2. If you read the report on the crimes he committed, you would NEVER sympathize with the man.

3. Being confined to segregation is his own fault. There are thousands of inmates who don't go there. If you misbehave then you will end up in segregation. You can't just throw someone so dangerous back amongst the general population.

4. Mr. Naseer made constant threats to harm staff and inmates. He was never provoked. If he wanted something from officers that he wasn't entitled to, he would get disorderly.

5. He spit on staff during an escort for no good reason other than he didn't like the people.

6. EVERYTHING is on camera.

So don't believe this guy. He's not tortured. He's in segregation because he CONSTANTLY breaks not only prison laws but actual laws. He makes threats on people's lives that MUST be taken seriously.

Good day.